Idas Profile:


Interests: Mathematics, science - especially astronomy, Japan, music, history, languages, religion and karate

Favourite colours: Blue, purple and silver

Favourite animals: Cats, turtles, spiders and snakes

Favourite music: Classic, Chinese, techno, rap and punk

Favourite sport: Basketball, soccer and karate

Favorite food: Pizza, Chinese food, salad and green apples

Favourite movies: My nabour Totoro (Hayao Miyasaki), Mulan (Disney), The lion king (Disney) and Rugrats 1 and 2 (?)

Favourite book: Harry Potter 4 and Tales of the Otori clan triology

Favourite doings: Watching ninja turtles, play the piano or the flute or being with my friends

I am also very fond of writing and drawing, which you also will be able to see at this site


Pictures of me

Okay, maybe it's manipulatet, but symmetry is cool!Okay, maybe it's manipulatet, but symmetry is cool!        Don't care about the look on my face, I was tired

 I do like to take pictures.... 

Crazy Tiger in Tivoli Friheden! I'm the one waiwing... Tenne didn't want to come

I really like my plushies:D