November? 2005





I wish I could be mean

And be a normal teen

I wish I could be careless

And let my life be one big mess

I wish I didnít like to think

And that my life was pink

I wish I could be smart

And not listen to my heart

I wish I didnít mind to change

And that I werenít born as strange

I wish I werenít such a nerd

And that I didnít mind to hurt

I wish that I were in to gossip

And that I knew none about a starship

I wish I didnít know a thing

And all I cared about was bling

I wish I were more girlish

And my life was all nail polish

I wish I were the flirting type

And didnít live a life in skype

I wish I were a fashion freak

And knew authentic bimbo speak

I wish I couldnít say ĒpsychiatryĒ

And never knew of Biology

I wish I loved Orlando Bloom

And thought that cheese was from the moon

I wish I went crazy at a sale

And wrapped my neck in a fox tail

I wish I worried about Mary Kate

And who Ashley likes to hate

I wish I didnít knew of poetry

And neither of the situation in society

I wish I weighed 30 % too less

And that I detested chess

I wish my shoes were killing me

And boys were all that I could see

I wish I had a ton fake friends

And followed all the silly trends

I wish I couldnít spell at all

And were invited to a barbie ball

I wish a wanted to be famous

And yet forced to be anonymous

I wish I liked badly written books

And that my nails were sharp as hooks

I wish I didnít have a brain

And that I didnít know of pain

But itís very hard to try

When I donít even know why

I find it all so stupid

So why should I even want it?

© 2006 Ida Larsen-Ledet